Shed Hauling Case Study

Hauling in Leads with Google Ads

Diving into the realm of digital marketing, one swiftly recognizes the paramount importance of a robust online presence. It's not just about having a website; it's about crafting a space that efficiently turns visitors into customers. In this case study, we delve deep into a meticulously designed website, spotlighting high-converting service pages that seamlessly align with the user's intent. Using Google Ads, we didn't just aim to drive traffic; we sought the right kind of traffic. Directing customers to these landing pages wasn't a mere transactional move but a strategic endeavor to ensure that every click had the potential to evolve into a meaningful engagement or a sale. As we unwrap the layers of this project, you'll witness the synergy of targeted advertising combined with a compelling website experience. Let's explore how this fusion not only amplified online visibility but effectively transformed casual browsers into committed customers.

Shed Hauling - A Powerful Google Ads Niche

B&A Shed Hauling, based in Wichita, Kansas, chose CheckSix Marketing to build a website and utilize Google Ads to generate leads for their business. A huge success, in a little over a month we amassed 139 conversions, 140 clicks, and 875 impressions. The conversions were a mix of form submissions, calls on the website and calls directly on the advertisement. The average cost-per-conversion was $3.59, which is very low compared to the potential revenue from each customer.

Separating Ad Groups and Ad Headlines

A 16% CTR (Click-through-rate) means close to 1 in 6 customers that saw the advertisement engaged with it. This is a very good indication that our ads were relevant to the searcher, and led to many filling out a form or calling B&A for a job. Key to this strategy was separating the ad groups into different types of jobs. Each ad group has keywords specific to the service, and the advertisment has headlines relevant to the keywords. For example, the 'Shed Hauling' ad group has headlines like 'Shed Hauling Company', and the 'Container Hauling' ad group has headlines like 'Container Transport' (Referring to shipping containers, etc.).

High-Converting Website Pages

Just as important as separating the ad groups is separating the service pages. Each service page has a headline and content relevant to the particular service. If a customer were to search for container hauling and the first headline was 'Shed Hauling', the customer may not convert because that wasn't their search intent. From the search keyword, to the advertisement, to the website landing page we make sure to provide the customer with exactly what they are searching for. This is a powerful way to generate leads and sales for your business.


B&A Shed Hauling benefitted massively from a high-converting website and Google Advertising campaign. Creating a marketing campaign that is cohesive from the beginning to end will ensure that your business benefits from the power of digital marketing. CheckSix Marketing is the go-to for managing your online presence and we look forward to helping you haul in leads. Fill out a form on our site or give us a call to get started today.

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