Distillery Case Study

Crafting Success with a Spirit-Lifting Strategy

In the world of spirits distillation, we had the opportunity to work with Feisty Spirits distillery to enhance their digital marketing strategy. Our goal was to align our modern marketing techniques with their traditional distilling methods to expand their digital footprint.

To achieve this, we employed Google Ads and Facebook Ads to increase their online visibility. Both platforms were instrumental in connecting Feisty Spirits with a specific demographic of potential customers. This targeted approach was designed to increase the likelihood of converting online interactions into business transactions.

The use of high-quality graphics was also an essential part of our strategy. Capturing product images that accurately represented the quality and variety of their offerings was key. This helped to provide a clear online representation of Feisty Spirits and their products.

As we look into this case study, we will highlight the ways in which our digital marketing efforts, along with compelling graphic content, helped to increase Feisty Spirits' online presence and customer engagement. The insights gained from this case study offer valuable lessons on how a thoughtful and well-executed marketing strategy can benefit businesses in the distilling industry.

Fiesty Spirits distillery drives revenue with a cohesive marketing strategy.

Facebook Ads to Increase Event Attendance

Implementing a cohesive marketing strategy was pivotal for Feisty Spirits. An integral part of this approach was the use of high-quality, captivating product photographs. These striking images not only elevated the aesthetic of our campaigns, but also greatly enhanced the effectiveness of our Facebook Ads. By creating a visual connection with customers, we were able to amplify engagement, significantly bolstering revenue and making this campaign a resounding success.

By using Facebook Ads to increase their reach to advertise their events, we were able to increase the show-up rate of attendees and their audience by over 115%.

We did this by creating targeting from the email list they had from their payment processing system to target people that have purchased from them and create a lookalike audience from people that are like those people.

They went from being a bar that was struggling to get one person in the bar to sit down, to opening an outdoor patio to make more room for all of their guests.


This account was a great example of how using social media to target the right audience and a cohesive brand strategy to stay in front of the audience can create a relationship that, in turn, increases the revenue of your business and creates loyal whiskey lovers.

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