Pool Repair Case Study

Finding a Niche in Google Ads

Harnessing the power of Google Ads is vital for a dynamic digital marketing strategy. Google Ads offers an incredible platform to pinpoint your target audience and advertise your unique offerings.

By utilizing Google Ads effectively, you can connect with a significantly broader spectrum of potential clients. It offers the ability to design custom campaigns that fit your business needs, enabling you to directly communicate with your niche market and offer them solutions that resonate with their needs.

Google Ads also provides the opportunity to highlight your unique services. Through meticulously crafted ads and keyword strategies, you can exhibit your services, express your expertise, and show the solutions you provide. This cultivates trust in your brand and encourages potential clients to engage with your business.

Google Ads is a remarkable tool to cultivate a dedicated customer base. With regular campaign optimization and client engagement, it prompts customers to return and engage with your brand repeatedly. You can also harness Google Ads for gathering client insights and feedback, which can aid you in refining your services, ensuring an optimal client experience.

Additionally, Google Ads is an effective platform to broadcast any special offers or events your business is organizing. By targeting this information to the right audience, you can maximize outreach and significantly elevate the prospects of your campaign's success. Google Ads, when used wisely, is a revenue-generating powerhouse.

Pool company generates massive return with Google Ads

Okay, buckle up for an insane success story with Fiberglass Pool Xperts. These guys dove headfirst into a 90-day Google Ads campaign with $884. Sounds like a gamble, right? But hold on - they chalked up an incredible 69 conversions (just-looking customers to actual customers)!

And here's the kicker: Each conversion cost them, on average, a minuscule $12.81. The payoff from each conversion? A cool $5,000+! Do the math, and you'll see how they scaled to an incredible $90,000 in sales in just two months.

So now you're probably thinking, "What's the secret sauce?" Let me pull back the curtain:

How did we do it?

Separation of ad groups

One of our game-changing moves was the separation of ad groups. By creating ad groups for each service, we crafted ads that perfectly aligned with what users were searching for. This resulted in two incredible wins - a soaring click-through rate and a high ad relevance score.

If you're new to the game, ad relevance is a score Google assigns to your ads, taking into account factors like matching ad headlines to your keywords. Score high on ad relevance, and you’ll be topping the Google search results. And we all know that's the VIP section!

Finding a niche

A pivotal piece of the puzzle in this Google Ads success story was the strategic 'Finding a Niche'. Repairing and resurfacing fiberglass pools was a considerably underserved market across the eastern USA, a gap that Fiberglass Pool Xperts astutely identified and decided to fill.

This niche focus was not merely about offering a specific service; it was about recognizing a substantial demand within a niche market and seizing the opportunity. The key was in leveraging Google Ads to target this specific audience, tailoring their message to resonate with this underserved demographic.

Pinning headlines: An unorthodox approach

Taking an unconventional route, we leveraged the 'Pinning Headlines' strategy for our Google Ads campaign. Google's standard advice encourages algorithmic experimentation with diverse headlines. But, we took the reins, valuing the power of precise control over the ad text to spur conversions. Despite being unorthodox, this approach paid dividends, steering the campaign towards the success we desired. By pinning headlines, we ensured our message resonated, effectively captivating our target audience and driving significant conversion rates. This strategy underscores the value of creative and calculated risk-taking in digital marketing, something that CheckSix Marketing will do for your business, too. 


Our journey with Fiberglass Pool Xperts underscores the game-changing potential of well-executed Google Ads campaigns. We strategically navigated the market terrain, highlighting their niche services, pinning compelling headlines, and effectively employing ad group segregation. As a result, we generated an impressive ROI (return on investment), far surpassing the initial investment. This case study stands as a testament to our commitment at CheckSix Marketing to always have your six in the digital marketing battleground, turning challenges into rewarding success stories. With calculated risks and strategic maneuvers, we ensure your business soars, marking a remarkable victory in the digital arena.

CheckSix marketing boosted Fiberglass Pool Xperts customers in a way that was invaluable to them, and we can do the same for you! Our team of experts specializes in asking the right questions and applying our knowledge and skills to help your business soar! CheckSix Marketing Agency in Wichita, Kansas, is your agency for advertising, Google Pay Per Click Ads, branding, social media management, SEO, eCommerce, digital design, website design, video production, and more! Call or click today for a free estimate!

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