Party Planner Case Study

Maximizes Conversions with Google Ads

Introducing the case study of Magical Moments, a provider of character-themed birthday parties. The challenge was straightforward: increase visibility, reach more potential customers, and ultimately drive bookings for parties.

To achieve this, CheckSix Marketing harnessed the proven power of Google Ads. We understood that the crux of the issue wasn't solely about broadening reach, but rather about converting that reach into tangible business results.

Our approach was to guide potential customers to a strategically designed party booking page. The focus was to generate not just interest, but measurable engagement and, ultimately, conversions (just-looking customers to actual customers).

The campaign leveraged carefully selected keywords, precise ad copy, and a well-calibrated bidding strategy. Using Google Ads in conjunction with our digital marketing expertise, we were able to deliver an exceptional return on investment. Our team of experts mixed up their magic potions and sprinkled their marketing pixie dust over key marketing strategies that helped connect potential customers to Magical Moments Birthday Parties and Special Events.  

Local birthday party company maximizes conversions with Google Ads

Our Google Ads campaign for Magical Moments proved to be a resounding success. In terms of visibility, we garnered a remarkable 54.3k impressions, amplifying brand exposure significantly. This extensive reach translated into substantial engagement, with 1.23k clicks indicating a high level of interest in the offerings. Most importantly, the campaign achieved its ultimate objective: conversions. A total of 70 conversions were logged, demonstrating a powerful return on the campaign, turning visibility and engagement into tangible business results.

The Importance Of Remarketing

Channeling the power of remarketing on Google's Display Network yields extraordinary results. Our campaign for Magical Moments exemplified this, logging a substantial 28.8k impressions, the highest for the account. This amplified visibility generated 336 clicks, leading to 9 crucial conversions. Remarkably, this was achieved at a cost-per-click of just $0.80, highlighting the cost-effectiveness of remarketing campaigns. Remarketing serves as an affordable, yet potent, reminder to customers, keeping your brand at the forefront of their minds. This not only drives engagement but also transforms it into tangible results, underscoring the compelling power of the Display Network in Google Ads.

Ad relevance and click-through-rate

Ad relevance plays a crucial role in the efficacy of any digital marketing campaign. In our Princess Tea Party campaign, our top 5 keywords boasted a remarkable 29% click-through rate, a testament to the power of ad relevance. We achieved this through a strategic blend of carefully curated ad copy, keyword selection, and landing page content. This synergy resulted in a superior ad relevance score, ensuring our ads were not only seen by our target audience but also clicked on, leading to higher engagement. The importance of ad relevance cannot be overstated; it's a fundamental aspect of driving successful outcomes in digital marketing.


Our collaboration with Magical Moments exemplifies the transformative power of strategic digital marketing. By leveraging Google Ads, we achieved substantial impressions and clicks, leading to impressive conversions. The success of our remarketing strategy and the high ad relevance we accomplished underlines the effectiveness of a well-structured campaign. This case study serves as a compelling testament to how targeted advertising strategies can elevate a business and drive a significant return on investment. The magical journey with Magical Moments underscores our commitment to "check your six," consistently delivering remarkable results.

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