Golf Course Case Study

Teeing Up Success with a Driven Strategy

SEO and Google Ads can lead to significant enhancements in visibility and revenue for golf courses, much like our collaboration with Tameka Woods Golf Course. As businesses situated in a highly competitive industry, golf courses can greatly benefit from the combined effectiveness of these two marketing strategies, which allow them to tap into potential customers who are actively seeking their services.

SEO is instrumental in elevating the online presence of a golf course by strategically leveraging keywords and creating relevant, engaging content. This can organically lift the business's ranking in search engine results, making it easier for potential customers to discover their offerings. Coupled with meticulous crafting of title tags and meta descriptions, SEO can effectively cater to local searches, thereby attracting a regional customer base. 

On the other hand, Google Ads offers targeted visibility. By allowing businesses to pay for advertisements appearing in the search results for specific keywords, Google Ads directs high-intent traffic to your website. This strategy affords precise control over budget, timing, and the demographics of the audience viewing the ads.

The combined approach of SEO and Google Ads provides a robust, comprehensive approach to digital marketing, opening up expansive possibilities for growth and success for your business. Our partnership with Tameka Woods Golf Course is a testament to this strategy.

Local Golf Course crowds out competitors with Google Ads & SEO

Tameka Woods Golf Course is located in Trafalgar, Indiana. They were looking to increase their local visibility using digital channels, and came across CheckSix Marketing. Through a comprehensive Google Ads & SEO strategy, we were able to fulfill their need and crowd out local competitors.

Google Ads

By executing a targeted Google Ads campaign for Tameka Woods, we significantly improved brand visibility. With 1.7k clicks and 72.8k impressions, the brand’s reach expanded noticeably. Importantly, these weren't just hollow numbers, they translated into 123 genuine conversions. This brought in new customer interactions via phone calls and resulted in actual booked tee times, demonstrating a direct positive impact on the business.

Competing With High Quality Ad Copy

High-converting ad copy plays a pivotal role in any effective Google Ads campaign. For Tameka Woods, the crafting of compelling and locally relevant ad copy was key to its success. Engaging headlines that highlighted the golf course's unique appeal resonated with the targeted audience, enticing them to visit and play. This strategy resulted in not only clicks and impressions, but a significant boost in conversions, truly demonstrating the power of well-crafted ad copy. Every golf course is different and has unique offerings for its players. By strategically highlighting what was special about Tameka Woods with great SEO and Google Ads, we helped them land more players. 


Using optimized title tags and meta descriptions, our SEO efforts helped Tameka Woods to rank at the top of organic search locally. There are many golf courses located within a 60 mile radius of Trafalgar, and our strategy proved triumphant.


In closing, the Tameka Woods case study underscores the profound impact of an effectively tailored SEO and Google Ads strategy. Utilizing engaging ad copy, focused local targeting, and an optimized web presence, Tameka Woods was able to substantially boost its visibility, entice new customers, and foster business growth. The impressive results underline the transformative potential of a well-managed, cohesive digital marketing approach, further emphasizing the critical role such strategies play in today's business landscape. Their success is a testament to the power of strategic digital marketing and serves as an inspiring blueprint for other businesses seeking to maximize their online potential.

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